Taekwondo Instructor Course

  • 2015- Development Program of National Sports Structure in Taekwondo (Organized by Pakistan Taekwondo Federation)
  • 2007-Open Taekwondo Training & Coaching Course (Org. by KCDTA)
  • 2006- Taekwondo Black Belt Training with Test (Organized by PTF)

Taekwondo Referee & Judging Courses

  • 2022-First Combaxx Sindh Taekwondo Poomsae Course & Training Program (Organized by Sindh Taekwondo)
  • 2016- National PSS Kyorugi seminar & Refresher Course (Organized by PTF)
  • 2013-1st National PSS Kyorugi Seminar Course (Organized by Pakistan Taekwondo Federation)
  • 2012-1st Karachi City Referee & Judging Course (Organized KCDTA)
  • 2007-King’s Taekwondo Referee Course (Org. by King TKD Academy)

International Martial Arts Course

  • 2006-Gojurju Seminar & Open Training Camp (Organized by Martial Arts A.I. Pakistan)
  • 2006-2nd Advance Karate Training Camp(Organized by Japan Karate Association Pakistan)
  • 2006-4th One Day Training Camp (Organized by KCDJA)
  • 2006-2nd Karachi City Judo Camp (Organized by KCDJA)

Sports Injury & Medicines Courses

  • 2018-16th SMAP Scientific Congress (Conducted by SMAP)
  • 2017-15th SMAP Scientific Congress (Conducted by SMAP)
  • 2015-14th SMAP Scientific Congress (Conducted by SMAP)
  • 2013-13th SMAP Scientific Congress (Conducted by SMAP)

Basic Course in First Aid

  • 2003-First Aid Camp and Help to Treat Injured Person (Organized by PSSF Pakistan Scouts Services Foundation)

Sports Coaching and Umpiring Course

  • 2013-Softball Coaching and Umpiring Course Conducted World Softball Day Celebration
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